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From Coal to Green: Avon Lake Renewable Master Plan with Gensler

This new Master Plan marks a radical shift for Avon Lake, from a coal-dependent town to a sustainable lakefront community.

Avon Lake Master Plan Gensler rendering by NORVISKA
Avon Lake - Rendering by NORVISKA

For nearly 100 years, a coal-fired power plant outside Avon Lake, Cleveland served as the area's economic backbone, providing jobs for residents and income for the city. However, those benefits came at a cost to the environment.

Today the region wants to bet on renewable energy sources, land remediation and sustainable economic development.

The plan’s main goal is to make the waterfront land accessible to everyone, and to build the biggest public park and lakefront project in the greater Cleveland area in a long time. It also aims to draw diverse tenants, from creative offices and stores to residential units.

Read about the complete Master Plan here.


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