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This is the legend of two bears, from very different sleuths, who felt that something was missing in their lives. The Young Bear, a natural creative talent, and the Old Bear, a fearless commercial with a hunger for change.

While on the hunt for survival (or a barbecue and a few whiskies), they realized they had more in common than they thought and decided to create their own sleuth to revolutionize the world of 3D: NORVISKA.

Tomás Arellano
The Creative Mastermind

The artistic force behind all this. With his unique vision, he leads the pack to produce more than just renders. He treats each project like his own child.

Federico Palomeque
The Ace

Everyone wants him on their team but he's with us. The winning card that makes the difference in the game.

Facundo Arellano
The Lifeguard

This bear has been with us since the beginning. The wild card that always saves the day. We thank him every day!

Diego Mateos
The Alchemist

His experienced eye adjusts lighting, enhances textures, and polishes every detail until our images come alive. When Diego’s done, our renderings don’t just speak—they sing!

Iván Lindblom
The Smooth Talker

The business and strategic part of the equation. He's been on Earth long enough to have talked to everyone. You have a need and he has a solution — or a whiskey in hand.

Agustín Giannitti
The All-Star

Talent? Check! Experience? Check! Beauty? Well, his looks won't break any mirrors. The work of this all-terrain bear speaks for itself.

Karen Zwitkowits
The Theater Kid

Our communications wizard. Has a flair for the dramatic and the finer things in life. And yes, sometimes she talks like a truck driver—colorful language included! 

Benjamin Casares
The Cub

Our youngest team member—a bundle of boundless energy and curiosity. The Cub is a blueprint waiting to be realized—a future architect shaping spaces and dreams.

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