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IronWorkers 63 with Gensler: Redefining Union Buildings

What is hidden behind this enigmatic and fascinating building? It is the IronWorkers (IW63) headquarters, designed by Gensler with innovation in mind. 

IronWorkers Local 63 rendering by NORVISKA
IronWorkers Local 63 in the Daylight - Rendering by NORVISKA

Excitement bubbled up within our team when we were presented with the opportunity to craft an image that challenged pre-existing conceptions of union buildings.

The hourglass shape serves as a tribute to the intricate lattice work crafted during the welding process. This next image showcases a wet floor, reflecting the lights of the building, which are diffused by the fog, creating a hypnotic and captivating effect.

Ironworkers chicago with gensler rendering by NORVISKA
Rainy Day at IronWorkers Local 63 Training Facility - Rendering by NORVISKA

We worked in tandem with the talented minds at Gensler Chicago to produce a series of striking and out-of-the-box renders for their IronWorkers (IW63) headquarters. With the end result perfectly embodying their vision, it is safe to say that this project was a success!


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