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Central Place Sydney by SOM: Breathable Buildings Linking Nature and Amenity

A new hub for tech innovation in Sydney that will introduce towers with natural ventilation and new public spaces to the area near Central Station.

Central Place Sydney with SOM rendering by NORVISKA
Central Place Sydney - Rendering by NORVISKA

Central Place Sydney will be the main part of Tech Central and the biggest change to Sydney’s Central Business District in over 10 years. The project, designed by SOM and Fender Katsalidis, will introduce two new commercial buildings and public spaces to the western edge of Central Station, improving the southern entrance to the CBD. The project will also align with the City of Sydney’s proposal to create a third major civic square at this location.

Each floor has been designed as a different neighborhood with shared spaces for amenities. Tenants can experience an outdoor-indoor environment with terraces, winter gardens with natural ventilation, and atria. The floorplates will have natural ventilation through windows that can be opened and a facade system that works automatically.

The buildings are designed to be “breathable” and to have a holistic relationship with their surroundings. The shape of the buildings reduces the impact of wind and allows natural light to enter.

Read about the full project here.


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